Community Consultation with Watercare on Sewage Disposal in the Omaha area

Omaha Waste Water Treatment Plant

Omaha Waste Water Treatment Plant

The meetings of community members with Watercare appear to be progressing well and generate hope that this is a new and effective direction for community consultation. Sewage is a controversial issue which has generated concerns for residents in the Whangateau harbour catchment for some years and it is very encouraging to feel these concerns are at last being listened to.

At the most recent meeting, which was very well attended, all locals were given individual opportunities to express their concerns. These were recorded by the Chairperson, Fiona McKenzie, and will form the basis for a draft project investigation plan which is to be formulated by Watercare before the next meeting.

Most impressive has been the general agreement by all participants on the main concerns and particularly the need for proper water testing at more sites and at more frequent intervals. These tests must include emerging contaminants which may have an impact on the harbour’s natural community and on ground water. This was mentioned by almost all participants with some details about their belief that local drains are impacted by the treatment plant effluent disposal.

Another frequently expressed concern is the poor state of the trees in the effluent discharge area and the failure to deal with these effectively.

There were also references to insects, dust and truck damage on Jones Road, the pipe capacity from Matakana, growth in Matakana, disposal of septic tank effluent to the Kaipara harbour disaster plans, sea-level rise and concern about consent conditions. There was discussion on the impact of leaking septic tanks on the harbour, stormwater intrusion, the impact of nutrification on mangrove growth and the Taniko forest and the need to consider alternative options for the treatment of sewage and the effluent.

All these issues will be considered in detail over time and we feel confident solutions can be found which will be acceptable to the community.

Details of this process can be found on

Elizabeth Foster


  1. why do we need to discharged…….proposal has sent to Watercare for the Non disposal and discharged..but nothing has accepted……

  2. Thank you.
    We specialised in sludge treatment technology that won global recognition 2015 under Cleantech Compettition…Simply the same system that can stop the discharged and disposal of solid waste or sewage to the harbor….Dr Koh our Scientist will be very keen to work along side with the group…….Regards

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