Storm of 17th April Floods Popular Harbourside Reserve

Storm 1

The high tide and storm surge on the tail of cyclone Ita created a bit of havoc around the Whangateau Harbour. With sea-level set to rise at an accelerating rate, this storm should be a warning about the wisdom (or lack of) of building new housing close to sea-level along the Point Wells harbour shore, as outlined in a recent posting on this site.

The popular harbourside grassy area and beach next to the Point Wells end of the Omaha causeway was partly underwater at high tide, with waves crashing on the shore and chewing out big chunks of vegetation holding the shore together.

I grabbed these couple of shots with my Go Pro camera out the window of my van just after the peak of the high tide.

Storm 2


  1. michal norman says:

    I used to be involved with NIWA,some 25 years ago and I recall accurately the tidal gauge readings from Whangarei Harbour, @ Oil refinery wharf. The specific event was a low pressure storm just to the east (1976/78?), the continuous on shore winds built on the tidal flow such that the normal tide, high/low, heights became a series of rising steps that only abated when the easterly winds had moved south. Your observations about the Point Wells subdivisions are justified and sensible. It would seem that the planning authority has not come to recognize rising sea levels as a result of global warming.Keep up the good work Dr Roger Grace

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