New Sediment Data Uploaded

Mud near a Whangateau sediment trap

Mud near a Whangateau Harbour sediment trap

New sediment data has been uploaded to the post:  What Happens When You Dig a Big Hole in an Estuary

Comment on October update of sediment trap records.

I measured the sediment traps on 9th October and the updated spreadsheet is attached.  Both Whangateau and Sandspit had a pretty good slug of sediment as a result of the recent heavy rain.  This time there was a lot more sediment in the Whangateau traps than in the Sandspit ones, and there was about 20mm of fresh mud on the sandy area around the Whangateau traps, which left squishy footprints where normally it was firm sand (see picture attached).  Seems a lot more silt came down into the Whangateau in the recent wet weather than into the Sandspit estuary.  This is probably a result of local rainfall variations, with more rainfall in the Whangateau catchment in the latest rainstorm.

To date we have a mean of 261.5mm of sediment accumulated in the traps at Sandspit in less than 10 months, equating to a daily accumulation rate of 0.891mm/day.  The result for Whangateau is 169.5mm in 11 months, or 0.528mm/day.

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