Matakana Village Development Decisions (Plan Change 64)

Sewerage Works at Jones Road

Sewerage Works at Jones Road

By Elizabeth Foster

We put in a submission (see Sewage Entering Harbour) opposing the pumping of sewage from Matakana to our harbour. The Commissioners acknowledged the issue and declined all submissions which would have resulted in intensification in the village and would have pushed sewage beyond the limit of 2000 people imposed by Watercare.

“More significantly the current wastewater infrastructure capacity for Matakana is limited as it services not only Matakana but also Point Wells and Omaha.”

“We were told that the wastewater treatment system has limited capacity for 2000 people, rezoning this area to a mix of low and medium density residential will put significant pressure on the wastewater system.”

At the same time they declared that they could not instruct the Council on the treatment of sewage as long as it was within existing consents.

“The Commissioners cannot respond positively to Ms Foster’s requests regarding the wastewater treatment and disposal. The Jones Road plant is (and we make this assumption having not heard evidence to the contrary) lawfully established and operating within the conditions set on its discharge standards and rate. Nor are the Commissioners capable of requiring a redesign of the plant, or transfer, or discharge within the parameters of the plan change before us, there simply is no scope.”

We will now have questions about the discharge consents which, to our knowledge, have not been changed to provide for Matakana.

“Watercare’s request to have the capacity of the wastewater services through specific objectives and policies throughout the district plan (including in the issues section of Chapter 8) will, in the opinion of the Commissioners, undermine both the existing provisions of the District Plan and the purpose of the Plan Change.”

This sentence indicates some future, unspecified problem which we should investigate.

The battle continues…..

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