Matakana Country Park RMA Decision

Farm Park
By Elizabeth Foster

The decision by the Commissioners has been received.  This decision will now go forward into the current RDC Plan 2000.  However this may be changed by the Unitary Plan so one wonders why these decisions are still being made.

The outcome mainly consists of some tweaking of the Plan Change conditions proposed by Council staff.  There is however, one significant change, allowing for accommodation and conference facilities for up to 50 people which has the potential to have a significant adverse impact on the harbour.
Our submission focused on the impact on the harbour of increased development on the site and the need for a plan covering the whole catchment to avoid further Plan Changes which have no regard for the harbour.

It was therefore pleasing to note that the Commissioners required this accommodation facility to be a Restricted Discretionary Activity where one of the considerations must be:
“Whether the method and design of water supply, sewage treatment and disposal and site drainage are appropriate to ensure that the proposed activity does not result in adverse effects on the environment (including the surrounding land and waters).”
This is a first for our harbour area and is a partial recognition of our submission.


  1. In 2013 New Zealand this is about as good as its likely to get.It follows the vision of Len Browns unitary plan and will intensify where the real Bush has been wiped away.It keeps Homo Sapiens in a confined area where he is most comfortable and out of the bush where he mostly seeks modification for his own comfort or profit .As long as the treatment of waste from this site is attended to as best practice dictates, I have a vision of Homo sipping his long black, tucking into bacon and eggs, looking out at the surrounding wild places, socializing and Philosophising and not wanting to become the Master of Nature. Fa Len.

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