First “catch” on Horseshoe Island

The first catch has been made in the stoat trap on Horseshoe Island.  A stoat trap was set up recently following the discovery of mustelid footprints on the island (see News story June 10), indicating a serious threat to variable oystercatchers who use this area for breeding.

Late last week Karen Baird checked the trap and found a big fat rat caught in the trap.  She has reset the trap with the fresh rat still in there to supplement the hens egg bait.  Hopefully the mustelid (stoat or weasel) may be the next predator to investigate the trap and be eliminated as a threat.  It is only a few weeks before the oystercatchers are likely to begin their nest preparation for the coming season.



  1. YIPPEE!!!! Karen Baird reports that the trap has caught a WEASEL!!! Well done Karen!!!

    The trap had apparently been rolled over earlier, probably by kids exploring, so she moved it to a less-obvious location and viola! A weasel!

    Karen has reset the trap with a fresh egg.

    Roger 🙂

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