Time for another weed blitz on Horseshoe Island

Now is a good time to have another go at the weeds on Horseshoe Island.  We do not want to miss our annual weeding like we did a couple of years ago and the wattles got away and became a serious problem (see Horseshoe Island Weed Blitz – Again, July 3, 2011).

Last year, in addition to removing wattles and gorse, we also removed a large patch of South African iceplant which was interfering with the breeding site of a pair of variable oystercatchers.  We removed 1.5 cubic metres of the stuff last year!  There are now three small patches which have returned and we should take these out before they spread.

There is a small amount of gorse grubbing required, and several new wattle seedlings.  A couple of hours with about 5 to 10 people should see the island cleared of most weeds again.

A small patch of South African iceplant regrowing on Horseshoe Island

This small patch of iceplant should be removed before it spreads and becomes a problem on the nesting site of variable oystercatchers

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