Plan Change 64 Matakana Village

The specific provision of the plan change/modification that my submission relates to:
Any reference to disposal of sewage

We: Oppose

The reason for our views is:
We do not want disposal of sewage from Matakana into our fragile harbour catchment (Whangateau) as there is no adequate research showing this is environmentally safe especially if Matakana continues to develop.
It is already clear that the receiving environment cannot cope with existing effluent.

We seek the following decision from the council:
If the plan change/modification is not declined, then amend it as outlined below
Proposed amendments:
Return all treated sewage from Omaha to the Matakana catchment

Watercare Sign - Ian Macdonald

An upgraded wastewater system is being installed in Matakana which pipes it all into the Whangateau Harbour catchment - Ian Macdonald

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