Family Planting Site Ready to Go!

This event is planned for Saturday 19th May with a bad-weather backup day of 20th May

A beautiful site in the Omaha Valley is fenced, spot-sprayed and ready for planting to help reduce sediment input into the Whangateau Harbour.  Experience in other catchments has shown that siltation in estuaries can be significantly reduced if stock is excluded from water ways, and stream banks are planted with suitable native vegetation.

The beautiful setting for the planting day, against the backdrop of magnificent bush on Mount Tamahunga. The ground has been spot-sprayed and the willows are on their way out

Whangateau HarbourCare Group, in conjunction with Auckland Council and land-owner John Williams, are hosting a public planting day on John’s property in Omaha Valley Road, below the magnificent backdrop of Mount Tamahunga.  John and Martha Williams have already carried out several riparian plantings over an eight-year period, and the earlier plantings are looking really good.

This event is planned for Saturday 19th May with a bad-weather backup day of 20th May.  Starting at 10 am, the first session will run to around midday when barbecue sausages and drinks will be provided.  For those keen to do more, or others who can only make it in the afternoon, a second planting session will begin around 1 pm finishing by around 3 pm.

The site has easy access and is suitable for family groups and others with only moderate fitness, so just about anyone can join in.  Bring clean sturdy footwear able to get wet, a clean spade if you have one but some will be provided, gloves, raincoat and any personal medication you may need.

Watch this space for more details, contact phone numbers and cancellation arrangements.

From left, Martha Williams, Elise MacDonald (Whangateau HarbourCare Group Co-chair), Chrissy Henley (Auckland Council) and John Williams discuss arrangements for the planting day

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