New Zealand Fairy Tern


Karen Baird, the marine advocate for Forest & Bird, spied this poor male NZ fairy tern desperately looking for a female on the 1st November. He caught a fish and then landed calling and calling – typical male behaviour as they do prenuptial feeding!

Poaching in Whangateau Harbour

img_2204This woman was seen recently  gathering cockles in the Whangateau Harbour.

There is currently a ban on the taking of cockles to allow the cockle population to recover from a major die off around five years ago.

The woman indicated she didn’t understand English.

Whangateau Harbourcare Group have written to the Ministry of Primary Industries to ask for signage to be provided in Asian languages so that these people can be made aware of the shellfish ban.

Anyone seeing people breaking fisheries laws is encouraged to phone a fisheries officer on 0800 4 POACHER or 0800 476264.

Crap in the Harbour



I received an email last week from Liz Allen asking for volunteers to help haul some black plastic rubbish sacks that had been dumped over the bank beside the road leading down to the Big Omaha wharf. Angie Gibbons had noticed the bags and thought that they needed to be retrieved, stacked beside the road and collected by the council.
It sounded simple enough, some bags, pick them up, stack them, home for a cuppa. I rode my push bike over from Omaha around the Leigh Road on a damp and blustery Saturday morning with mist hanging in the hills and the odd sharp rain shower just to keep a cyclist on his toes. Still it’s always nice to be outdoors and I love a ride along Leigh road even if it is one of those spring days for sitting by the last fire of the season and not collecting some blockhead’s dumped rubbish.

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Whangateau HarbourCare Planting Day


Beginning a new planting process the Whangateau HarbourCare Group gathered 10 able-bodied planters and 3 not so able supporters to complete this season’s planting.  The area shown is on Esplanade Reserve beside a small tributary of the Tamahunga stream flowing into the Omaha River and to the Whangateau harbour.  The site is just below the new brewery on Leigh Road and represents the first step in protecting the stream from erosion and silt discharge into the harbour. [Read more…]

New Consent for the Omaha Waste Water Treatment Plant

Omaha Treatment Plant 08x

Omaha Waste Water Treatment Plant operated by Watercare

After almost 2 years of consultation between Watercare and residents from the wider Whangateau Harbour community Watercare is now formulating a new Resource Consent for the Jones Road (Omaha) treatment plant.  Over this time the meetings have been chaired by Fiona McKenzie (Ngati Manuhiri) and the meetings have been regularly attended by members of the Whangateau HarbourCare Group and residents from Omaha Beach, Jones Road and Point Wells as well as a regular contingent of Watercare staff, advisers and researchers.  Conspicuously absent on all but two occasions have been representatives of Auckland Council!

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Application For Temporary Closure at Otaiti

This requires urgent attention and submissions from lots of people because it is possible the exclusion zone may be lifted as soon as 11th February thus opening up the area to fishing after more than 4 years recovery from 100 years of too much fishing!  The local maori want to keep the area closed to fishing.  What a waste that would be, squandering 4 years of recovery for a few greedy weeks of fishing.

astralobe 1
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Revive our Gulf

Our mussel reef restoration project is increasing biodiversity and clearing the waters of the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand

Revive Our Gulf